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Cesarean section is not terrible, the balloon bellyband "rescue" the young treasure mother

Chengdu New Aoguan Medical Instrument Co.,LTD also pays attention to maternal health and happiness. The company is fully aware of the shortcomings of traditional compression methods. After scientific research and development, New Aoguan has launched a simple and easy-to-operate balloon compression abdominal belt. It is understood that this product not only has significant effects in reducing postpartum hemorrhage due to poor uterine contraction, preventing postpartum circulatory failure, reducing local skin damage, and shortening postoperative anal exhaust time, but also has the advantages of strengthening body shape and reducing pain. Therefore, once launched, it has been affirmed by the majority of families and is gradually becoming a new choice for young Baoma.

The National Day for the Disabled, the New Aussie Crown is in action!

In order to further promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to help the weak and help the disabled, gradually form a social atmosphere in which the whole society understands, cares for, and assists the disabled, and builds a social customs for helping the disabled, helping to strengthen the disabled’s self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-reliance. On the morning of May 18th, on the occasion of the 28th "National Disability Assistance Day", Xinjin County People's Government Disabled Persons Working Committee, Xinjin County Disabled Persons' Federation, Xinjin County Federation of Industry and Commerce and other units joined many private enterprises in Xinjin County Sandu Water Center Plaza carried out a publicity activity with the theme of "building a well-off society in an all-round way, and including disabled people".

Warm congratulations on the success of Xinaoguan participating in the 79th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Expo!

The four-day exhibition closed successfully. Our company participated in this exhibition and displayed a variety of products such as passive pressure pulse hemostatic stickers, drainage tube fixators, abdominal belts, protective equipment, and rib fixation plates. In addition, we also specially recorded the operation video of passive pressure pulse hemostasis stickers, which were displayed on the exhibition site to allow customers to understand our company's products more intuitively and achieved good results.
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Through continuous medical innovation, better meet the medical needs of patients and make humans healthier!

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