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Waist fixator
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Waist fixator

Scope of application: used for external fixation or support of the human body (waist) and other parts.
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Sichuan Rong Machinery Equipment No. 20190133

① Splinting function: The waist circumference is tied around the injured spine, and it is inflated by airbags. The front side of the spine has abdominal pressure and the back side has airbag pressure, and the waist circumference is restrained on the left and right sides, forming a solid-walled barrel, which has a splint fixation effect on the injured spine. .
② Traction: Due to the combined effect of airbag and abdominal pressure, the thoracic and lumbar spine is subjected to axial force, so that the injured vertebrae of the patient gets out of bed under tensile stress without being compressed.
③ Effect of back extension moment: the forward pressure of the air bag combined with the formation of a back extension bending moment on the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae can continue to correct the residual displacement of the injured vertebra after the patient gets out of bed. Due to the good external fixation effect of the inflatable stent, it can also share part of the load, and its back extension moment makes the trunk gravity line more backward and closer to the instantaneous rotation axis of the spine, further reducing the bending of the pedicle screw , Shear load, and at the same time help to provide a good local biomechanical environment for fracture healing. Therefore, it not only significantly reduces the height of the injured vertebrae after reduction and the loss of the sagittal kyphosis correction Cobb angle, reduces the failure rate of internal fixation, but also greatly shortens the time of postoperative bed rest.


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